Afficher la version complète : Vente Livres de Japonais - Denshi Jisho Casio XD-GF6500 Silver/Champagne 150e

25/04/2010, 11h09
Bonjour à tous, je mets en vente mon dictionnaire electronique Casio XD-GF6500 Silver/Champagne, comme neuf, complet avec boite et notice et plastique toujours présent sur la coque.

Je le vends 150e en main propre sur Paris sinon frais de port colissimo assuré en sus.

Merci et bonne journée.

Ce modèle à été mis en circulation tout récemment et possède deux ecrans tactiles et un stylet.

Voici les caractéristiques:

The new Casio EX-word XD-GF6500 is the latest edition of Casio model. It contains 120 reference volumes, including various English and Japanese dictionaries, and a host of special features.

The biggest differences on XD-GF6500 compared to Casio's other dictionaries:

1. This XD-GF6500 has 70,000 words spoken in native Japanese while the other dictionaries have only 10,000 words.
2. 100 Works of Japanese Literature is already included.

Special features include:

A twin-touch panel for easy look up and operation
A stylus you can use to write, select and scroll
Stylus input to write kanji, kana and romaji for look up on both touch screens
Speaks in Japanese: you can listen to 70,000 words spoken in native Japanese
A custom flashcards features allowing you to make your own cards for review and study
A new action sensor that adjusts text for readability no matter which way you turn it

480x320 full dot-matrix liquid crystal indication
Letter input method
Both alphabetic, kana, and stylus character input
Characters on screen size

48 dot, 24 dot, 16 dot for Japanese
24 dot, 16 dot, 12 dot for English


Kojien Japanese-Japanese Dictionary (6th Edition) - Approx. 240,000 entries
Meikyo Japanese-Japanese Dictionary - Approx. 70,000 entries
Zenyaku Kogo Jiten (3rd Ed.) - Approx. 22,500 entries
Gendai Katakana Dictionary - Approx. 13,200 entries & 1,600 abbreviated words
Yojijukugo Dictionary - Approx. 1,450 entries
NHK Japanese Accent Dictionary - Approx. 69,000 entries
New Kangorin Kanji Dictionary - 14,353 featured kanji, approx. 42,000 words included
A Dictionary of Synonyms in Japanese - Approx. 25,000 entries (divided into 6,000 groups)
Proverbs Dictionary - Approx. 4,500 entries


Genius English-Japanese Dictionary (4th Ed.) - Approx. 96,000 entries
Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary (3rd Ed.) - Approx. 90,000 entries
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (7th Ed., English-English) - Approx. 183,500 entries
Spell Vocabulary by Katakana Dictionary - Approx. 67,000 entries
English Thesaurus - Approx. 21,000 entries


Japan History Encyclopedia (Obunsha, 3rd Ed.) - Approx. 6,800 entries
World History Encyclopedia (Obunsha, 3rd Ed.) - Approx. 7,200 entries
Modern Literature Encyclopedia - 3,149 entries
Kanken [Kanji Test] Petit Drills for KanKen Levels 2, 3 and 4
TOEIC & Eiken Preparatory Materials
And more

Business Related

Nikkei PC Terminology Encyclopedia 2009 – Approx. 5,300 entries
Nikkei Electronics Abbreviations Dictionary 2008 – Approx. 3,000 entries
Nihon Keizai Shimbun Economy & Business Dictionaries Series – Includes economy, management, stock market, finance, real estate dictionaries and more
Environmental Management Encyclopedia
Nikkei Business Keywords – Approx. 1,000 entries
And more

Life Reference

Britannica International Encyclopedia – Approx. 154,000 entries (In Japanese)
Hitachi “Mypedia” – Approx. 66,000 entries
Minna De Slang Dictionary – Approx. 1,300 entries
Home Medical Encyclopedia – Approx. 5,000 entries
Kazoekata no Jiten (A Dictionary of Japanese Counters) – Approx. 5,200 entries
Nikkei Health Supplement Encyclopedia 2008 – Approx. 1,000 entries
Wine Companion Supplement – Approx. 5,200 entries
And much more

English Conversation, Travel, Etc.

English Daily Conversation Dictionary – Approx. 8,000 entries
JTB Travel Language Guides (in 11 different languages) – Approx. 2,000 entries each
Dr. PASSPORT Essential Travel Helpers (in 7 different languages) – Approx. 350 entries each
And much more

Additional Functions

Abundant search functions which can be utilized quickly and easily
Multiple dictionary example search
Multiple dictionary jump function
Example forming phrase jump search
Word register function/history search
Japanese & English keyword example search
Chinese character partial reading search
Spelling search and common phrase search
Preview and layout change function
Back light, 3 letter sizes, favorite dictionary register function
Two input methods for ON/OFF function, automatic power off
Dictionary key direct power source ON function and resume
Phonetic sign indication and simple search mode change
12 column portable calculator
Ultra-high-density liquid crystal (touch panel), large screen longhand panel
EX-VOICE, voice CD taking function
Display vertical writing function
Free memo, study notebook function (memory card/wordbook/finding memo)
Handwritten input /hand-written operation function/touch operation function of the main panel

Power source
2 X AAA batteries
Electric battery life
Approximately 60-130 depending on frequency of use of backlight and voice function.
Depth 102.0 x width 146.0 x height 15.5 mm (most thin section when closed), height 19.7 mm (most thick section when closed)
Approximately 280 g (battery included)

One stylus
Earphones (3.5mm plug)
USB cable
2 X AAA batteries

20/06/2010, 14h46

est il toujours en vente ?