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16/04/2009, 10h36

On connaissait les films avec odeurs ,on gratte une pastille et ona une odeur en rapport avec une scène du film.

J'ai vu ceci téléphone portable avec odeur

NTT Docomo to offer cell phone smell-o-vision

http://dvice.com/pics/fragrance1.jpgContinuing to push Japanese cell phone customers to the edge of weirdness, NTT Docomo recently tested what it calls Mobile Fragrance Communication (Kaori Tsushin Mobile) (http://www.ntt.com/release_e/news08/0004/0407.html). The service combines animated visual gifs and olfactory stimuli, via downloads of "Fragrance Playlists." For example, on Valentine's Day (http://dvice.com/archives/2008/01/chocolate_miis.php) you could send your main squeeze a photo of a rose via cell phone accompanied by a cheesy love song and the smell of an actual rose.
The Service Gateway device, shown above, allows you to edit and share your Fragrance Playlists with other users through the Internet. Docomo hopes to eventually allow other companies to employ the technology to deliver unique experiences around ringtones, video games, full-length music files, as well as within the housing and automotive industries. Despite the conservative plans of Docomo, the mind reels when considering the psychedelic possibilities hackers would bring to such a new technology space.
Via NTT Docomo (http://www.ntt.com/release_e/news08/0004/0407.html)

16/04/2009, 10h58
L'idée vient d'un film en "odorama". Des capsules à briser au moment indiqué sur l'écran étaient distribuées aux spectateurs.

16/04/2009, 16h57
Et puis c'est facile à transporter. Excellente idée.